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How to Keep Coyotes Away from Your Livestock

Protecting livestock from predators like coyotes is a significant concern for farmers and ranchers. Experts at Edge Line Products offer a range of products that can help safeguard your livestock from these threats. This article explores effective strategies on how to keep coyotes away from your livestock by utilizing Edge Line Products’ innovative fencing solutions and other farm-related products.

Robust Fencing Solutions

The first line of defense against coyotes is a robust fencing system. Edge Line Products offers a variety of fencing options suitable for different types of livestock and terrain.

Heavy Duty Fences

High-tensile wire fencing is a durable fencing solution ideal for creating a physical barrier that is difficult for coyotes to penetrate. It is tough and can withstand the force exerted by predators trying to break through. Heavy duty field fence is one of those high-tensile fences that can be useful when it comes to protecting your livestock.

Electric Fences

Electric fencing serves as both a physical and psychological barrier. A well-maintained electric fence can deliver a non-lethal shock to deter coyotes from attempting to breach the perimeter. But electric fencing is not to be taken lightly. Read about some of the different crucial electric fence safety tips to be aware of.

Enhanced Security Measures

Beyond fencing, several other products and strategies can enhance the security of your livestock but should not be used as the only deterrent against coyotes. In unison, you have good chances of keeping the coyotes at bay.

Guard dog

Man’s best friend is a herd’s best friend, too. Livestock guardians like dogs can be very effective at scaring and even protecting the herd against coyotes.

Motion and Sound

Motion-activated lighting, for example, can startle and deter nocturnal predators like coyotes. The sudden change in light can scare them away before they get too close. The same goes for sounds. There are products that play sound in irregular intervals, which have been proven as a deterrent against predators.

Barbed Wire

Adding barbed wire to the top of most fences can discourage coyotes from climbing over. The sharp edges provide an additional layer of protection.

If you need more practical advice on how to keep coyotes at bay and protect your livestock or have any sort of product inquiry, you can always call the experts at Edge Line Products at 604-857-2436.

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