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Effective Uses for Temporary Fence Panels

Temporary fencing products are designed to restrict access to certain areas for people and animals while being simple to set up and take down. While most people associate temporary fencing with event management, these versatile products can be used for a variety of purposes to great effect. As a leading provider of quality temporary fencing products and other farm and ranch products, the team at Edge Line Products knows how valuable multi-purpose equipment can be for any operation. That is why we have compiled a list of effective uses for temporary fence panels to demonstrate how these products can enhance your operation or event.

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5 Ways to Use Temporary Fencing Products

In addition to temporarily replacing permanent fencing, some of the most common uses for temporary fencing include:

1. Events

Temporary fence panels are most commonly used outside of event venues to direct visitors to crosswalks and help them exit the premises in an orderly fashion. Without these fences, visitors would take longer to exit the premises and the risk of accidents between pedestrians and vehicles would significantly increase.

2. Moving Animals

If your livestock tends to wander, you likely know how difficult it can be to move them from one location to another without the right equipment. Whether you are moving individual animals into a trailer or your entire herd into a new pasture, temporary fence panels can discourage wandering. This will ensure that your livestock get where they need to go in less time while significantly reducing the risk of injury.

3. Protecting Crops and Gardens

Temporary fence panels are a great way to protect your crops and garden from various predators. The design of these panels can also be used to support vertical plants, allowing them to protect and support your garden at the same time.

4. Dividing Pastures

Temporary fence panels are a great way to divide your livestock or block access from certain areas. This makes them a great choice for separating males and females or protecting an area of your pasture while it is being reseeded.

5. Making Space for Work

If you need to perform work on your farm that requires heavy equipment or power tools, temporary fence panels can provide a barrier between potential hazards and your livestock. This will allow you to focus on getting the job done without worrying about injuring wandering animals. Temporary fencing products are also a popular choice for construction project sites as they make it easy to block a work area off from the public and direct pedestrians as needed, reducing the chance of an accident.

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