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Barbed Wire Fences vs. Electric Fences

When it comes to fencing products for farms, it can be difficult to determine which options are ideal for your livestock, environmental conditions, and budget. While barbed wire fences and electric fences are two of the most popular options for operations of all sizes, each option has distinct qualities that make them a better fit for some operations over others. As a leading provider of high-quality wire fencing solutions, the team at Edge Line Products knows how important it is to choose the right products for your needs. That is why we have compiled some information comparing barbed wire fences vs. electric fences to help you make an informed purchase.

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Barbed Wire Fence Benefits

Barbed wire is a versatile fencing option that provides the following benefits for operations of all sizes:


Barbed wire fences are exceptionally durable as they are comprised of strong barbed wire and wooden posts. This makes them a great choice for large livestock as the animals cannot lift the wooden posts from the ground. When installed correctly, barbed wire fences can last 10-12 years, giving you long-lasting safety and peace of mind.


When compared to fencing your entire property with wooden planks, barbed wire fencing is a high-value, economical choice that allows you to reduce costs without compromising safety.

Easy Repairs and Maintenance

With barbed wire fencing, broken wires can be easily replaced as they only need to be stretched over the posts.


Barbed wire fences can be outfitted with different lengths of barbs and at a different distance between posts, allowing you to choose the ideal solution for your livestock and potential predators in the area.

Electric Fence Benefits

Electric fences are a safe, long-lasting barricade that offers the following benefits:

Easy Installation

Electric fences do not require posts to be dug into the ground like other types of wire-based fences, reducing installation time. They are also easier to move if you need to increase grazing space or alter the layout of your farm.

Enhanced Safety

The shocks emitted by electric fences are not harmful or exceedingly painful. Instead, they are just strong enough to deter animals from contacting the fence. Animals also do not rub against electric fences as they do with barbed wire, eliminating cuts and the potential for entanglement. Electric fences are also more effective at deterring various predators, further increasing safety.


Much like barbed wire fences, electric fences allow you to reduce costs without reducing safety, performance, or reliability.


Most electric fences are rated to last for at least 25 years. While they may have a higher purchase price than barbed wire fences, their longer usable life more than makes up for it.

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