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Are Welded Mesh Panels Right for Your Farm?

If your commercial farming operation handles cattle, pigs, horses, goats, or other livestock, it is crucial to ensure that you are choosing a suitable fencing product for them. While the right product will ensure optimal security and safety for your livestock, the wrong product can put them at risk. If you are looking for a durable and versatile fencing option for medium to large livestock, welded mesh panels may be the perfect solution. These products are available in a variety of configurations based on your livestock, allowing you to choose the perfect option for your needs. As a leading provider of quality farm equipment and commercial products, the team at Edge Line Products knows how beneficial welded mesh panels can be for various operations. That is why we have compiled some information to help you determine if welded mesh panels are right for your farm.

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3 Key Benefits of Welded Mesh Panels

Welded mesh panels offer a variety of benefits for farming operations including:

1. Lasting Durability with Minimal Maintenance

Welded mesh panels are constructed from galvanized steel rods that have been covered in a thick zinc coating. This ensures lasting durability even if your operation experiences consistently harsh weather conditions like heavy snow, harsh winds, or extreme heat. In addition to durability, welded mesh panels are virtually maintenance free, allowing you to spend more time on other areas of your operation without compromising the condition of your fence.

2. Easy to Transport and Install

Some fencing products can be difficult to transport, place, and install, taking additional time and effort to get the job done right. Wire mesh panels are designed for easy transportation and installation in nearly any environment, allowing you to quickly move them into place and install them as needed. This saves you time and effort without reducing the quality of the fence. Each panel weighs between 35 lb to 60 lb, allowing them to be easily picked up and transported to other areas of your farm without additional equipment. This is ideal for operations that constantly shuffle their livestock or farms that are looking to change their layout.

3. Products for all Types of Livestock

Welded mesh panels are available in a variety of configurations that offer different dimensions and hole sizes. Some panels offer consistent spacing between each post while combination panels offer larger openings near the top and smaller gaps at the bottom. This allows you to choose the option that is best for your livestock without compromising visibility or functionality.

To learn more about our selection of welded mesh panels and other commercial farm equipment, get in touch with the team at Edge Line Products. We can be reached through our online contact form and will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our services.

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