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4 Effective Uses for Wire Mesh Fencing

Wire fencing is a common and trusted product that is used in a variety of settings and industries. Constructed from galvanized or stainless steel, it is the perfect choice for agricultural operations and farms of all sizes. As leading providers of commercial and industrial farming solutions, the team at Edge Line Products knows how versatile and beneficial wire mesh fencing can be. That is why our team has provided some information outlining 4 effective uses for wire mesh fencing to demonstrate how it can suit your needs.

What can Wire Mesh Fencing be Used for?

Wire mesh fencing can be used for the following purposes:

1. Security Fencing

Wire mesh fencing is often used as a security fence or perimeter wall. This makes it a great choice for agricultural operations and farms as it can be used to deter predators and pests. In addition to conventional wire fencing, some options feature very small openings to prevent toe or finger holds, deterring intruders and thieves.

2. Animal Fencing

Another common use of wire mesh fencing is animal fencing as you can easily choose between options with small or large holes to accommodate the type of animal you would like to fence in. Since wire mesh fencing is available in so many sizes, it can be used to fence chickens, rabbits, horses, pigs, and other common livestock. In addition to sizing options, all wire mesh fencing is free of sharp edges, making them a safe choice for all types of animals.

3. Garden Fencing

Garden fencing can add a unique visual element and structural support system for all types of gardens. Wire fencing products can be used to surround an entire garden area or installed around certain areas of the garden for vertical support. This makes it a great alternative to wires and baskets for climbing plants as wire mesh fencing is far more durable and can endure the weight of large plants without the need for regular repairs.

4. Road and Rail Fencing

One of the main industrial uses for wire fencing is to create a barrier between a property and nearby roads/railways. It is highly effective for preventing animals and people from trying to cross rail tracks and highway roads, minimizing the risk of an accident or injured livestock.

To learn more about our wire mesh fencing or to inquire about our other commercial and industrial products, get in touch with the team at Edge Line Products. We can be reached through our online contact form and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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