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Sheep & Goat Fence

Product Details

Product No. 1019
Size: 3' x 330'
Product No. 1020
Size: 4' x 330'
  • Length: 330′
  • Material: Class 1 Galvanized
  • Vertical Wire Strength: 12.5 Gauge
  • Horizontal Wire Strength: 14.5 Gauge
  • Weight: 140lbs/180lbs
  • Hole Structure: 4″ x 4″

Product Description

Our Sheep & Goat farm fencing is the perfect solution for containing sheep, goats and smaller livestock. The small mesh size is designed to prevent even the smallest hooves and heads from getting through, keeping your animals safe and secure. The fencing is made from heavy-duty, galvanized steel that is built to withstand impact and resist rust and corrosion.

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