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Mesh Farm Gate

Product Details

Product No. 3007
Size: 4' x 4'
Product No. 3008
Size: 4' x 6'
Product No. 3009
Size: 4' x 8'
Product No. 3010
Size: 4' x 10'
Product No. 3011
Size: 4' x 12'
Product No. 3012
Size: 4' x 14'
Product No. 3013
Size: 4' x 16'


  • 4′ – 25lbs
  • 6′ – 35lbs
  • 8′ – 45lbs
  • 10′ – 55lbs
  • 12′ – 65lbs
  • 14′ – 75lbs
  • 16′ – 85lbs

Product Description

Our farm gates are designed to provide a durable and secure solution for controlling access to fields, pastures, and other areas on your farm or ranch. Made of powder coated steel, these gates are built to withstand the weight and movement of large animals, as well as the harsh outdoor elements. The gates come in a variety of sizes fit your specific needs. The powder-coated finish provides the gates with protection against rust and corrosion. Our gates are easy to install, maintain and repair, making them a reliable and long-lasting solution for your farm or ranch.

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