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Light Duty Field Fence

Product Details

Product No. 1014
Size: 4' x 330'
Product No. 1015
Size: 5' x 330'
  • Length: 330′
  • Material: Class 1 Galvanized
  • Strength: 14.5 gauge
  • Weight: 120lbs/140lbs

Product Description

Light Duty Field Fence is made from class 1 hot dipped galvanized steel that starts at 3.5″ x 6″- hole structure (bottom) & progresses into 8″ x 6″ at the top, making it the ideal farm fencing for cattle, horses, sheep, goats, and dogs. All Light Duty Field Fencing comes with woven joints and has a 14.5-gauge strength which helps ensure that the field fencing will be able to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use. Light duty field fence is available at an affordable price and can easily be installed with t-posts.

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