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Diamond Post

Product Details

Product No. 1069
Size: 6' Light Duty (Berry Post)
Product No. 1059
Size: 7' Heavy Duty
Product No. 1060
Size: 8' Heavy Duty
Product No. 1081
Size: 9' Heavy Duty
  • Gauge: 6′ – 1.5mm 16.5gauge | 7′ & 8′ – 1.8mm 14gauge
  • MaterialClass 3 Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel (275g/m^2)
  • Strength: 6′ – Light Duty | 7′ & 8′ – Heavy Duty

Product Description

Diamond Post, also called vineyard post, vineyard stake, orchard post & orchard stakes are high strength long lasting steel post used for supporting grape and other fruit growth. -Corrosion & rust resistant due to the class 3 hot dipped galvanization (275g/m^2) but can also be ordered without the galvanization for a more “weathered” look. -Comparable to wood post in strength and rigidity. -Do not leach any chemicals. -Safe for organic farms & gardens! -Replacement for steel T-Post if you are looking for added strength. -Butterfly Notch every 4″ for easy installation of farm & field fence. -Life span of approximately 20-30 years.

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