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Deluxe Cattle Squeeze w/ Palpation Chamber

Product No. 5008

Product Details

  • Slam latch doors allow you to work this chute from either side including the squeeze
  • No back bar in chute to keep cattle pressed up against the back of the head gate or to help push one up to the front of the chute
  • Brisket bar Included louvered sides to reduce animals view
  • Large neck access doors
  • Heavy duty automatic head gate Able to work all size of animals from young calves to large bulls
  • Grease zerks located on all moving components

Length: 144″

Width: 48″

Height: 80″

Weight: 1200lbs

Product Description

A cattle squeeze, also known as a squeeze chute, is a device used in the handling and management of cattle. It is a narrow, enclosed space that the animal enters voluntarily, where it can then be safely held in place for various purposes such as vaccinations, dehorning, branding, and other procedures. The squeeze chute has a gate at one end and a manual operated squeeze mechanism that allows the operator to apply pressure to the animal’s sides, holding it securely in place. The cattle squeeze is made of steel for durability and is designed for easy and safe use, minimizing the risk of injury to both the animal and the operator.

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Deluxe Cattle Squeeze w/ Palpation Chamber
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